Vagina is not a bad word

I’m in an interesting situation. I’m thankful to be surrounded by people (both men and women), by pure convenience (thank you school of social work), that are feminists. Not the misandrists/don’t shave armpits (not that there’s anything wrong with not shaving) /hating life type feminists, but the kind that are truly for women and their empowerment.

I’m privileged in my everyday to think that everyone is like this. To think that everyone thinks like I do and wants women to be treated fairly, payed equally and to rise up. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know God created men and women very differently and they should embrace those differences. Men and women should compliment each other, in that aspect. But in our society, things are not seen that way. There is far too much injustice.

This new health care reform gets me angry on a whole other level. I am a pre-existing condition. I don’t even have to list the things that qualify me, it’s multiple, but truth is, everyone has at least one thing on that damn list. So. Thank you to America’s leaders. For saying that if a woman wants to have a baby, she might not have health care. And if a woman has been raped/sexually assaulted she is deemed unworthy of help. For saying that if any sexual assault did happen and she is traumatized/dealing with any mental illness, she can’t seek help. For allowing someone with a mental illness to buy a gun, but not have access to health care. ETC. ETC. ETC. ETC. ETC.

A colleague of mine was offered a job recently and made sure to tell me that the company wanted a bilingual male. However, he told me that with my experience, and that I’m bilingual, I’m far more qualified. He got the job though, because he’s male. Thank you for that. In a field that is majority women, it means I’m going to have a hard time finding a job – even if I’m better qualified.

Do you feel my anger bubbling up? 

What does it mean to be a woman? I sat through the Vagina Monologues recently and dang was I inspired. I got so emotional because so much of it resonated with me. And I kept thinking about the people in my life and how outside those four walls, that play would NEVER be acceptable. A lot of it made me uncomfortable, but all of it is what it meant to be a woman. I was reminded to love myself, love my womanhood and to stand up for my sisters. And also – that vagina is not a bad word.

This day and age, to be a woman means that socially, your value, worth  and beauty is based solely upon your looks. You are catcalled, disrespected and sadly 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted. But somehow it is still you’re fault is something happens to you because “of what you wore” or something ridiculous. IF prosecuted, 95% of predators will not be convicted.

It means that if you are white, you’ll get paid 78 cents to every white male dollar. But if you are black or latino you’ll get paid 58 cents to every white male dollar. Keep in mind though, you may be bilingual which may make you more qualified for a job. BUT you won’t be compensated for it so like who cares 🙂

It means that you’ll be bleeding for a week every month only to be taxed on women’s hygiene products, as if they’re not a necessity. And to be charged more for your razor because it’s pink. Also- God forbid you’re legs are stubbly! How dare you! Are you yelling? It’s probably your PMS. Women can’t possibly get angry at something worth getting angry about.

It means you wait for a guy to notice you and to pursue you. You’ll then stand by his side as a support, being the submissive wife. It might also mean he’ll pursue you then ghost you. Either way, you’re the “lady in waiting.”

I’ve been thinking about that last one a lot. Being that I am in that “waiting season,” I’m not sure if it it frustrates me or what. Why is it do I feel unworthy if a guy doesn’t notice me? I know that’s a total lie and very dumb of me to believe but it sometimes it really bothers me. Like am I not cute enough? Did you hear something about me? Do I have something in my teeth? WHAT IS IT

I pray for a guy that pursues me like no other and reaches all my standards. That most importantly values my worth as a woman. That together, in our different scopes of life, we’ll stand up for the injustices of this world.


(Emma Watson killin it)


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